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Bedtime Stories to help babies sleep - List

Listed below is an ever-growing archive of wonderful, original bedtime stories. All are filled with personal reflections, fun anecdotes and loads of just plain cuteness. Feel free to read them to your newborn, infant or toddler. They are intentionally written in short-story format to make it easy for you to collect them and return to your favorites time and again.

At Hush Little Baby we know how difficult it can be to soothe newborns and gently send them off to a good nights sleep. Bedtime stories like this can be incredibly useful, and they are just some of the many wonderful tools we provide you with here... so enjoy!

Babies have a lot to say 02/10/2010
Parenthood arrives rather abruptly. After an uncomfortable labor process (bearing a well-deserved name), brand-spanking-new humans enter an unfamiliar world, albeit surrounded by the love...

What seems impossible, is possible 02/09/2010
Especially for new parents, trying to help out a crying newborn child can be one of the most frustrating parts of the entire first year. You want desperately to help, but it's hard to come up with ways to...

The use of calming white-noise is a proven sleep inducer 02/09/2010
The general thinking now however, is that too much quite can actually be counter-productive. Here's the dilemma though, only sounds of the right kind must be provided. As your child's mind develops, delicate neurons ...

Here's a helpful hint to help your baby sleep better 02/09/2010
New parents are often confronted with this initial, difficult question. Should you let your newborn share the bed with you? Or should you leave your beautiful new addition in the crib to sleep alone. And if you do opt for ....

Keep a regular routine 02/09/2010
One thing that helps infants learn when it's time to go to sleep is a regular bedtime routine. This predictable routine is a cue for newborns that it's time to go to sleep. Having a recurring bedtime sleep routine means doing ....

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